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Sandblast Media

Focusing on a wide array of sandblast media and also abrasives blast media for cleansing, finishing and surface area prep work. Aluminum oxide, steel shot as well as grit, glass bead, Starblast and also even more are available in large amounts. The devices you use in sandblasting is necessary to success and also, fortunately, there are lots of different kinds of devices that are made use of to obtain high-grade outcomes. There are a vast array of blowing up media readily available for your sandblasting demands. Discovering the best blasting media can make the distinction between a task done well and also having to begin again after energy and time wasted. Various materials are made for different surfaces and uses to ensure that each task can be matched with the very best blasting media to obtain the desired results. Recognizing the uses as well as functions of each sandblast media can help you find the very best product for your blasting requirements, regardless of what tasks must be finished. These are several of the blast media we offer and just how they can assist you efficiently finish your jobs.

Glass Bead Blasting Media

Glass bead blasting media is a good media for cleaning and conditioning metal surfaces. Since the media is consumed slowly and can survive multiple impacts, it can be recycled, which is more economical for blasting. Glass beads are available from coarse to super fine grit size. When using this media, blasting does not leave residue on the surface of the pieces, provides a clean, controlled finish on a variety of metals, and can clean quickly without significant metal removal. That makes it a good media for materials that need to stay clean or for use in areas that must remain clean during and after blasting.

Starblast Blasting Media

Our starblast blasting media is a combination of coarse and fine staurolite sands of uniform size with clean, rounded surfaces. This loose blend originates in the northeastern part of Florida from Chemours mineral deposits. The natural media is washed in order to ensure it is free of dust, dirt, and ultrafines. This media is effective when a more aggressive abrasive is needed, such as in paint and rust removal. Starblast is highly efficient and has minimal dust when used, making it useful when higher abrasion is needed with lower dust levels. Starblast is moderately recyclable as a blasting media.

Garnet Blasting Media

Garnet blasting media is comprised of iron aluminum silicate homogenous minerals that all have similar properties. These properties include inert, slightly magnetic, sharp and angular shape, non-hydroscopic, translucent, non-soluble in water, friable to tough, and no free chemicals contained in them. Since garnet is virtually free of embedment, it is a good media for coating adhesion. It also has less dust and is less hazardous than silica sand since it is natural mineral, but still provides comparable results to other blasting media options. Garnet has some recyclability.

Crushed Glass Blasting Media

Our crushed glass is comprised of a mixture of clear, brown, blue, and green glass bottles, available in a variety of sizes. The media has no free silica and is amorphous. Crushed glass media is effective for concrete, log homes, molds, and small parts. It provides a clean and polished finish with brightness, making it effective for automotive blasting free from dust. As a blasting media, crushed glass has a wide range of applications, from paint removal to surface profiling. Crushed glass does not have recyclability.

Steel Grit Blasting Media

Steel grit blasting media, made of carbon steel, is highly effective for stripping and cleaning when an aggressive media is needed. Typically, steel grit ranges from super coarse to medium. The grit is angular with a high-etch profile. One of the advantages of steel grit as a blasting media is that it has very high recyclability, making it economical in blasting. The media meets S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) requirements for chemical composition, size, microstructure, hardness, and physical properties.

Steel Shot Blasting Media

Our steel shot blasting media in ten sizes of shot and three levels of hardness. Steel shot is a round media with no etch profiling and available from medium to ultra-fine. It is similar to steel grit, but is rounded material rather than angled. This media is highly effective for smoothing and polishing surfaces. The media meets S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) requirements for chemical composition, size, microstructure, hardness, and physical properties. Steel shot has very high recyclability as a blasting media, which makes it an economical choice.

No matter what sandblast projects you need to complete, we have the ideal blast media for you. Whether you need to obtain corrosion or paint off a piece before you finish it or you require to cleanse as well as brighten a piece prior to sending it to be utilized, there is a blasting media for you. By comprehending making uses of different blasting medias and also their functions, you can locate the perfect media from our variety of choices. As soon as you have the appropriate blasting media, you can obtain the outcomes you want with every project every time.